I love this quote.

Its so valuable to use when moments in life are gloomy.

Its the best quote and urges you to never give up.


Always remeber this quote, keep your head held high and never stop smiling..

Love you all

love moo xxxx


Dance, soccer, tennis, netball, whatever sport it may be, you play it because you love it, you love it because your good at it….

I use dancing to explain this because Iam a dancer, I can easily relate things to dancing. If your not a dancer replace my word ‘dance’ with your sport so you can relate.

In the dancing world its hard. We do it because we love it, but its hard. To be competative its hard. Dancing has the silent invisible letters that say ‘challenge‘. Dancers each and everyday including myself are always striving for the best. We love it still but we still strive for the best. Its a natural thing to want to be the best, especially for something that you love.

Not everything comes naturally. For me, i was always told to “turn my feet out, point your toes” as some of it in the dancing world did not come natural and some things still dont. Everyone has to work hard. Everyone just works so hard though to the point where they forget to love the thing they do.

An example:

Last year I had my mind focused so hard as I was striving for the best for the national championships in dancing. I exercised everyday for long hours for fitness just for dancing aswell as havnig multipul classes a week. I focused so much that I took the love out of dancing, something that I had always loved. I was to focused that I forgot that I still needed to love dnacing. I took the fun out of it. I turned dancing into a chore. When I danced infront of the mirror, I was not a beautiful girl expressing her love in movement, I was not even a human anymore, I was a back not straight enough, a toe not pointed to the lenght it should be, a fott not turned out, I had become only muscles and ligaments that were never good enough, there was always something to work on and fix. I was to focused on dancing that I forgot about everything else. When I realsied thats how it had become I started to hate dancing as it truley did become a chore for me, it was no longer something I loved. That year I did not place at the nationals, I lost my love for it, therefore i did not succeed in it.

In your sport or anything it doesnt even have to be a sprot that you love, but strive to be the best, you have to love it first before succeeding. Its the only way. You can be focused but not to the point where it becomes a chore. Always love it. strive for the love of it, not the trophey or prize.

Happy striving everyone, but dont forget to love the thing your striving for. 

always smile 😀

moo xxxxx


Is that a question everyone has asked themselves at least once in there life?

The questions we ask ourselves, about ourselves…

  • Who am I?
  • Who will I be in the future?
  • What am I supposed to be?
  • What is my place in the world?
  • What does everyone want me to be?
  • What happens if Im not the person everyone wants me to be?
  • Am I really turning out the way I want to?


We all think these things atleast once in our lives, some more than other, alot more and some only once or twice. The thing is, alot of us focus more on the things people want us to be, what we are ‘expected’ to be. Why are there so many expectations? Why do we have to become the person people want us to be?

We all have expectations for ourselves and one another, but why do we have to abide by them? Expectations are just an instant way of saying “im a failure if I dont get to the expectation” when really we arent failures, just learners each and everyday. No one can fail because even when you dont get up to the expectation you still learn  something from it, so you can never walk away without something positive.

When we think about who we are going to be in the furure, we should think about what we truly want and how we truly want to be. We shouldnt have to live up to expectations others gives us, its not necassary.

 life isnt lived if it isnt lived, if we dont live it our way….

Dont let others tell you who you are, just be yourself and take life as it comes, and make something of it, your way, the way you want to.

live life to the full, your way everyone..

happy living ans always smile 😀

moo xxxxxxxxx

Wishes,Wishes, Wishes….

They usually go something like this…”I wish apon a star, even though its far, above the rainbows, below the seas that my wish comes true”

Im always wishing for things, hoping that what ever I wish for comes true. Do you? Yes well alot of us do hehehe.

Sometimes I was so excited that my wish had come true but after really thinking bout it, I realised that I didnt need a wish for it to happen as it would of happened anyway.

Sometimes I have wanted so many things, but now I think of it they were all silly little things that werent worth wishing for.

Many people say “yes of course wishes can come true, as long as you work hard for ir and believe in yourself” and many other statements along those lines. But what if you had a wish that you felt so, so, so, so,so,so strongly about and you really need that wish to come true, and you have worked hard to try and get it but its not happening. What if its a life changing wish that you truly desire but it isnt coming true even though try hard for it and wishing for over a year. Its very disapointing and really heart breaking.

Even though the dream isnt there, I find that its heart breaking to feel after a year of wishing and trying so hard, that deep down I know it will never come true. So I dream it up. Im writing a novel about what it would be like if that dream came true and how my life would change and progress out. I dream about it when I sleep, sometimes I even pretend in my mind that its there. This may sound weird but that wish is for a certain person to be in my life and it hasnt come true so thats why I do all those things, as it make me feel better.

So anyone who has a strong desire for a wish and hasnt come true and they know it wont come true, try what I have, it does seem to work and make you feel better….just try it, you have nothing to loose.

have fun dreaming 😀

moo xxxx

Posted on: January 19, 2011

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is planning on takingmy challenge for school 😛

No one has givin me any suggestions for my next post so Im going to have to pull something from the top of my head.

Here is goes…..

Life is full of many things, many feelings that we with hold in ourselves. We get feelings from the actions that have effected us, the thoughts or feelings others have about us. Many people tend to focus on the negetave feelings that they have or the things that have happened to them, I think this may be because they try to work out how to get rid of them or fix it, but there are many reasons aswell but thats not the point, people still think majority about the negative things.

Many people think about the disapointment that they have shown to everyone, or the shit that happened to them that day, or the stupid little thing that so and so’s boss said….just little things are usually the ones we let stand out and get in the way of a good day, well what was a good day.

I always think about the negative stuff, I know ist a bad habbit, but I was just thinking on the way home home how much time I spend thinking about all the negative in my life. Like many others, im young and I shouldnt be filling my head and wasting my time thinking about the little negative things. We all should be being happy about the good things in life. Some may not have as many good things in life as negative, but maybe all the good that happens can make up for the negative….if we help it and let it be that way…

I dont know just try to be positive and make the good things count, and make up for the bad, but you dont need to count anything literally, but focus on the good things in life and you wil be a very happy person 😀

always smile 😀

moo xxxxxxxx

Hi everyone!

Ive had a request to write about going back to school and how no one wants to.

So ive decided to write about why know one wants to and how everyone feels about, but also how to change the way you feel about it.

here it goes…

Going back to school at the start of the year after such a long holiday can be such a grudge. It can be so annoying.


As soon as everyone heres “its time to go back to school” everyone thinks of all the negative things and always focuses on how much they dont want to do things, you can practically make a list of things you dont want to do, lets see…

No one wants to have to get up early again to get ready for school for five days a week for the rest of the yr again.

No one wants to have to do homework and sit in class all day long.

No one wants to be told off by teachers constantly for doing the wrong thing, or forgetting homework.

No one wants to take the time to care about school efforts.

No one wants to have to take the time over weekends doing long assignments which are do on the monday.

No one wants to have to try and remeber their locker code to get the locker open.

And im sure there are so many more things people can name..


Even though when you go to school there are alwasy going to be things you dont want to do but instead of making it such a grudge and hating it, you can try and be posotive about it.

If you like you can take this challenge that Iam setting right now, Im not forsing anyone to but if you would like to you can take the challenge.


Even though school isnt always a positive thing, the least you can do is try to make it positive, you have nothig to loose so you might aswell.

ok well, where should we start..By turning the things you dont like about school into something that isnt as bad as you thought it was, is a start.

 Lockers :    If you hate using lockers then you could make them to your liking such as putting pictures up on the inside of the door, so everytime you use it you can see the fun times you have with friends and family.


Homewrok:   If you hate doing hoework then try to make it rewarding such has having your favourite food eg. chocolate bicuits, and make a plan for example: evertime you finish a stage in your homework weather the stage is the subjects or every five spelling words, one you complete the stage you get a chocolate biscuit. when you have finished your homework make sure you put it straight into your school back so you dont forget it, then the teachers wont have nythingto nag you about.


Classes:   To avoid the bordem in class, you can buy the things you like such as a pencil case that you fancy aswell as the pencils pens ect. You can also try to become involved within the class and the subject by contributing to class discussions ect. If you do well in the subject you generally like the subject more so try to put a bit more efforet in cuase it pays off in the end.


Looking Forward to things:  To make school a little more posotive, give yourself things to look forward to. You can join a school sports team, or dance group ect that way yuo can enjoy a hobby at school. Beocming involved in the school is also good such as debating or public speaking and even SRC ect. Becoming involved with the school may help pass time so school seems to go fast and that way you may seem to enjoy it more. You can also make your lunch and recess exciting aswell so you have something to look forward to after you finished a set of classes. You can also aranged things with friends such as an outing in the afternoon straight after school.  During recess and lunch become engaged with your friends alot so that you e njoy the time you have with them during school so that you want to get up in the morings to see your friends before, during and after school.


Having Time over the Weekends:   Dont leave your assignemts to the weekend beofre its due. Leaving them to that point cloggs up that time and so you dont hve any spare time to spend with family and freinds. you can make a time table for yourself or just plan ahead and try to do the assignments bit-by-bit and take it in steps so it isnt so time consuming on one day. For example. If an assinment is given out and is due in 2 weeks, then do a 15minutes every 2nd or 3rd night during the weekdays and do half an hour to an hour every weekend so by the time its due it will be done and you wont have had any stressful boring weekends.


Early Mornings:  Try to have a good and exciting breakfast so when you get up you want to get up to have breakfast. Also if breakfast isnt enough, try to plan a route to school that maybe you and a few friends can take to get to shcool so you can spend the time engaging with each other on the way to school to make it more fun and enjoyable. Once you start liking school then it will be easier to get up and go to school becuase it will be worth it every day.


Try this challenge and you will  find yourself staring to like school a little bit more than you thought 😀

Have fun going back to chool and I wish you the best..

Alway smile 😀

moo xxx

why is our world the way it is?
Can we even call our world, a world? Well we do, but should we be able to?The poor have always stayed the poor and have always lived with less than what we have. Equality is a word that is never heard in this place we call our world. people are always knowing and thinking about what they want, yet never taking a moment to think about the people who dont have anything. There are people who do things to help the poor/less fortunate, but we cant forever let them do it all, we all need to stand as one to help, so why dont we?

We have always had war to resolve things between countrys ever since human existance, many people go to war to serve and stand up for there country and many die not coming home. Why does our world resolve its disagreements with war when we know that its so wrong, why havent we learnt that yet?

Why is our society, not just one, but all over this world, why are we so judgemental? why do we as humans judge each other and discriminate as such even its just about a freckle or two supposedly out of place..why dont we just accept…who is to say someone is not pretty, and who is to say smoeone is ugly when everyones definition of those two words is some what different….no ones definition of pretty and ugly is the same so why pin faces and bodies to them???….

Im not writing this to lecture anyone, just to get whoever is reading to think and spread the word….
oh wiat i havent given the word… hahah

 Be yourself and accept others for who they are to be accepted yourself. Be fair to others. Dont resolve things through violence,just compromise. Take the time to think about others who are less fortunate and if possible do one thing every so often to help them. Dont accept the world for some of the bad it has become, accept it for only the good and try to change the bad. 😀 be happy and posotive and others will to….


I hope this makes you think a little…happy thinking 😀

Moo xxx


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